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Building and sustaining a respectful, safe and productive work environment focused on positive values, behaviours and wellbeing practices for our staff and students is a priority for our School. 

We have agreed ways of working that are aligned with our School culture. We

  1. treat everyone with respect, regardless of their background, role, or position.
  1. build trust in one another and respect that trust by behaving with integrity.
  1. communicate honestly and with kindness and responsibility.
  1. invest in each other and hold each other accountable.
  1. support each other, take risks, and embrace our mistakes as we strive for excellence in all that we do.

Through various representative groups – including a Culture and Wellbeing Committee, student committees and even through a generous philanthropic donation to support student wellbeing – the school has created structures to elevate and prioritise culture and wellbeing. This is in addition to the various wellbeing and support services offered through the College of Health and Medicine and services offered through the university.

Student life

Working hand-in-hand with our students, the school includes student representatives on our educational committees to input on the student experience, identify any potential issues, and ensure continual improvement in the educational experience. As the clinical training hub of the ANU we aim to ensure that students are safe and informed (LINK to post grad harassment booklet) 

Improving healthcare

Collaborating with community groups, industry leaders and ANU experts to ensure best-practice, our academics look for opportunities to upskill our students, staff and the wider community. 

We aim to train the next generation of health professionals, psychologists and doctors in positive values, behaviours and wellbeing practices to take with them into the workplace. 

For example, in psychology, our academics have created a course about Culture and Psychology which focuses on cross-cultural and Indigenous issues and addresses long-held western practices that don’t necessarily work with Indigenous communities. 

We aim to lead social change and improve wellbeing across Australia and internationally. With a strong stream of research in society, culture and health we aim to better support minority groups through partnership and innovation in health care.  

The Students Support Centre offers resources for the School students' wellbeing, including telehealth mental health services, stress management, and assistance with bullying and harassment. The Centre provides tailored support to promote a safe and productive learning environment.

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The ANU Medical Venture Fund Award supports the School's students in pursuing activities outside their curriculum to foster self-development. Grants of up to $500 fund diverse projects such as art classes, community initiatives, and language courses, promoting wellbeing and holistic growth.

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Our university supports student success. Here you will find a number of initiatives, programs and resources that will support your physical, social, spiritual and mental health to help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle during your studies.

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