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The Honours program at ANU is completed over two semesters (one academic year - full time). Honours aims to build on the knowledge and skills that students have learned in their undergraduate career. In doing so, Honours both continues and rounds out a process begun in the study of psychology at an undergraduate level. However, Honours is much more than this. It is a time of social, professional and intellectual development in which students become better acquainted with some of the central features of academic life: seminars, workshops, presentation of work to colleagues, research design and communication of scientific findings.

Accordingly, students are generally given much more autonomy and responsibility for their own intellectual development during this year than previously. The Honours degree aims to develop students' skills, under supervision, as independent researchers and innovative thinkers. Honours will also test students' organisational skills; this is particularly so in terms of their abilities to prepare, define, plan, and carry out research reports. Honours students will undertake empirical research on a topic they choose to study in consultation with their research supervisor; this research should involve the creation of new information and knowledge in their chosen field.

A student's year while studying in the Honours program will probably be the most testing, but also the most rewarding, of their undergraduate career.

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ANU offers Honours Scholarships (across all disciplines) each year, selection for which is based on academic merit. Students must apply for scholarships at the same time they apply for admission to the program.


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