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Discover the dynamic and varied community comprising the School of Medicine and Psychology (SMP). Encompassing enthusiastic students, committed researchers, and accomplished professionals, our diverse individuals propel pioneering research endeavors forward with their collective expertise and dedication.

Find and connect with experts in the ANU School of Medicine and Psychology. Discover school profiles, research interests and contact details.

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The ANU School of Medicine and Psychology’s executive team leads initiatives to enhance health systems, community, and individual health through educational programs, clinical services, and research. We aim to create a supportive environment where staff and students thrive.

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Our impact

Empowering survivors and organisations to ensure better outcomes within the medical profession

A team of academics from the ANU is working to change the policy landscape to empower survivors working within the medical profession.
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Group approach may increase accessibility to psychedelic therapy

A new study will determine if psychedelic agents may work in a group therapy approach.
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Climate Crises and the Impacts on our Future Generations

ANU experts call for a global plan to research adverse climate crisis impacts on maternal and child health
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