Get to know.....Dr Stefanie Puszka

Publication date
Friday, 22 Mar 2024

My professional background….

I’m a medical anthropologist with experience in public health and ethnographic research. I collaborate with First Nations peoples and communities to undertake both applied and critical projects, predominantly in the area of chronic health conditions and disability.

My role in the School of Medicine and Psychology is….

A Research Fellow, Social Foundations of Medicine. My research interests include caregiving contexts of chronic conditions, disability and ageing; intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, health and treatment access; and modes of governance enacted through health and social policy.

The top three things on my to do list today...

  1. Survive the Top End monsoon
  2. Do some writing
  3. Review student work

In my spare time…..

I like to run through trails, do crossfit, cook for friends, go to gigs and take care of my cats. I’m currently living between Darwin and Canberra.

If I could pick up a new skill in an instant, it would be...

Speak Tetum, to help get around on my next trip to Timor Leste.

Something new I want to do or learn this year....

Work on body positivity and creativity through dance.

The best advice I've ever heard...

A mentor once told me, uncertainty can be a productive space from which new understanding can emerge, if you don't rush to early conclusions.

The most adventurous thing I've have ever done....

Compete in the Iron(wo)man world championships.